Touch Screen System

Sing Like A Rock Star!

We love to sing, too! That's why we're Detroit's #1 Karaoke rental company! Get the party started with our professional touch screen karaoke. We can deliver and set up the system for you, or you can do it yourself. Our system offers over 50,000 karaoke songs, with more constantly being added!

We DO NOT rent the small box speaker karaoke systems. Instead, you'd be renting the same professional computer-based touch screen karaoke system that we use in our weekly restaurant/bar events. Thousands of songs, with current hit songs, are available with every rental. Compare us with our competitors, and you will see why we are the karaoke kings of Detroit. Call us today and find out how we can help make your next event a real hit!

What You Get

Complete Pro System!

  • High-End 4-Channel Pro Mixer
  • 2 Professional Mics and Cables
  • 2 Powered 12" PA Speakers
  • iPad Sing-Along Monitor
  • iPad and Mixer Stands
  • Speaker and Mic Stands
  • All Cables and Power Supplies
  • Searchable Online Song List
  • Over 50,000 Karaoke Songs
  • Pandora, YouTube, iTunes
  • * WiFi REQUIRED *

Easy Setup Video!

  • Step-By-Step Setup Demonstration
  • Mixer Settings and Operation
  • No Karaoke Host or Techies Needed
  • Connect Your Own Devices

Please be sure your WiFi location is adequate before setting up your karaoke.

Frequently  Asked  Questions

We offer package discounts for multiple rental services. The more items you rent from us, the better deal we can give you on each one. Leaving out individual item prices prevents visitors from adding them all up and having the wrong idea of what their discounted bundled package could actually cost. For rates, call us at 734-272-9608, or write us here about what you're interested in, and we'll contact you promptly with a great deal!

The entire karaoke system, including both speakers, requires approximately 6x12 feet (or 72 square feet) in order to have plenty of access to and from the microphones. However, a tighter space will work if you don't mind being a little cramped. Also, you can always place the speakers further away from the performance area to make more room. No tables are required. Everything is mounted on stands.

All we need from you is sufficient electrical power, a strong WiFi connection, and some fun people ready to sing!

Please be sure to check the strength of your WiFi signal at the very same location where your karaoke system will be set up. For example, if your karaoke will be set up on a back porch or deck, please test the connection there, not inside your home. Sometimes it may be necessary to move your router closer to the karaoke area. We must be able to connect our karaoke system to your wireless network for the songs to stream.

Yes, this method has worked out very well for customers. However, you should test this approach with another device in the exact same location you intend on setting up the karaoke. Some devices can go into sleep mode causing the hot spot to time out and lose connection with the karaoke iPad. Some customers with Samsung devices have reported that they needed to keep their screens active throughout their events to retain a connection. iPhones never seem to have this issue.

Because the songs are constantly updating every single day, the song list is best located online. However, users can more quickly and easily search on the karaoke system itself for immediate results. With our karaoke system, there's no need to rifle through pages and pages of booklets, use separate song lists, or fill out slips of paper. Just step up to the mic, search for your song, and hit play!

NOTE: Some artists and/or record companies prohibit their music being published in karaoke software. Songs that exist one day unfortunately may not exist another day. If you are unable to find a particular song, this is usually the reason.

Because of the times we live in, all karaoke systems now include rap, hip-hop, and even some rock songs with age-sensitive lyrics. If this is a concern, then we recommend appointing an adult to oversee users' song choices.

Absolutely. First, be SURE to turn the mixer's RED master volume knob all the way down, then remove the 1/8" jack from the iPad's headphone input. Then, simply plug that jack into your own device's headphone input, and turn the master volume back up to play your music. That's all there is to it.

Also, our iPad comes with pre installed iTunes Match, with thousands of songs of different genres, as well as iHeartRadio and Pandora. So, there's never a need for total silence when people are too shy to sing.

We have provided a video above of the very simple, step-by-step set up process, so that most anyone can assemble and operate our karaoke system without our assistance. However, if you are not at all knowledgeable with audio equipment, we recommend that you consider us delivering and setting up your karaoke rental. Inexperienced experimentation with the controls and settings can cause very annoying feedback, distortion, as well as possible permanent damage to our equipment. You may even want to consider appointing a knowledgeable guest to oversee the karaoke system during your event, so that other guests don't inadvertently change the settings and cause undesirable results.

Please be sure to carefully review both our Karaoke Handout (which is included with your rental), and the How To video above before setting up or operating the equipment. We check our equipment thoroughly before every rental to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for do-it-yourself rental mishaps that fail to satisfy inexperienced users.

You may cancel at any time before your event. However, as indicated within our Event Agreement, all deposits are non-refundable. When a client reserves our services, we must turn down other potential clients. Deposits can, however, be re-applied to rescheduled or future events pending availability. All cancellations MUST be made in writing only. Rescheduling for events cancelled due to inclement weather shall be accommodated without penalty whenever possible. Rescheduled events are subject to availability.

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